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Gathering and assessing information about a problem before trying to solve it with design. This is our first step in the design process and one of the most crucial.

Space Planning

This process defines the circulation pattern within a space and how the different rooms are arranged to accommodate the functional and occupational requirements for the users.

Interior and Exterior Finish Selections

We select both interior and exterior finishes that correlate with each other to create a cohesive space. Making these decisions during the beginning of the design process will assure the client the cost of the project before it commences.

Construction Documents

After the design is agreed on, construction documents are created to ensure that the specifics of the space are recorded and can be put into action.

Computer Renderings

Good interior designers know that ideas and concepts are worked and reworked. Interior design renderings are presented to the client to show how the space will look at the end and what we are doing to achieve the final look.

As designers, we show that not only are we creative but resourceful as well.

Construction Administration

We will coordinate with all the various departments that are working on a project to maintain track of the project schedule and will make regular visits to the site to ensure everything is going as it should.

By doing this, we are making sure that everything is being done to the utmost standard.